Welcome to Grand Tribunal 2011.

This year, the Tribunal took place on August 19th – 21st in Cambridge.

Last time we met in Cambridge, two years ago, where Grand Tribunal ran along side the British Roleplaying Society's convention, lots of people came and we had a great time with table-top games, freeform interactive games (largely in costume!), discussions and simply socialising. So we did it the same way for 2011.

To join us, people had to sign up with Consternation II - see http://www.consternation.org/.

Your organisers for Grand Tribunal 2011 were Neil Taylor and Sheila Thomas, who will be happy to answer questions.

Thanks to everyone who came, and all those who thought about us, wished us well but were unable to come along. In addition to the gamers, thanks go to The Capriol Mediaeval Dancers and the Bedford Waites for providing the entertainment on Saturday afternoon. Special thanks to those who ran table top games and extra-special thanks to Andrew & Kirstie for producing a brilliantly enjoyable freeform game in almost no time at all, as if by magic.